Big Bad Bully

A month ago, my dearest, my best friend Sammy passed away. His passing brought a heavy guest into my life. I will not introduce you to this guest because you are all already familiar with him. He has visited you too every time you lost something you cared about. This guest is grief. And I … Continue reading Big Bad Bully


And She Was Among The Loved Ones..

My name is Zane.  I am a confessed workaholic, coffeeholic and a recovering family member of a cancer patient.  This blog is not about my work, nor about my love for coffee but my experience with nursing my husband through his pancreatic cancer.  There is much I can’t share because it belongs to my deceased … Continue reading And She Was Among The Loved Ones..

أربعون يوم

  أربعون يوم المعدل الوســطي لرحلتنا بين هذه الحياة وتلك، نبدأ بالعلاج والعناية فنصبح جزءً من العائلة. أســرار، قرارات، وضحكات تتتعالى، لتصبح الابتســامة هي الأكثر والأجمل. ذات يوم قابلته وســألته: أتريد أن تعرف أكثر؟ فأجاب: لا، ودمّعت عيناه أذكر عينيه ودمعاته بكى وبكيت فكيف أقرأ أفكاره وما هي تلك الدموع؟ الطبيب لديه واجب فأنا أتمســك … Continue reading أربعون يوم