Its about Life has been designed as an outlet for SANAD Home Hospice Care, because SANAD has a lot to say.  There are several unsung heroes behind SANAD who put themselves in arguably the most difficult situation one can be in, in order to make others happier.  It’s about Life pays tribute to these hospice care workers.

The world of SANAD is both unique and fundamentally human. In the words of a SANAD nurse, “Few people get to know what I know”. Death puts life in perspective in the same way that a light source is only known to us in the dark. End-of-life caregivers and care-providers have major lessons to impart to the rest of us, which is precisely why this blog is about Life.

This blog is about agency, because dignity is at the core of what SANAD does.  Its focus is on the dying take control of their own lives even when they are least able to. It’s about those tiny acts of resistance in the face of a finite number of days ticking down.

This blog is about family.

It’s about listening.

It’s about the kindness of strangers.

It’s about class, and the blurring of any such distinctions when facing death.

It’s about children.

It’s about Life.


To learn more about SANAD and home hospice care, visit its website http://www.sanadhospice.org